Subsurface Precision with Advanced Well Planning

Well planning Data should be shared between drilling and subsurface.

Unified Well Planning: A Collaborative Approach

Well planning isn't just about drilling; it's a collaborative effort that integrates subsurface insights. With pro well plan, geologists and subsurface experts play a pivotal role in shaping the well's journey.

Risk understanding - Pro Well Plan

Risk Understanding

Move beyond isolated data points. With pro well plan, seamlessly integrate scenarios and data analyses created by drilling teams into your workflows, ensuring a holistic understanding of risks.

Get Scenarios - Pro Well Plan

Get Scenarios

Feel limited by one-sided data? Pro well plan offers easy data analysis and the creation of multiple scenarios. Address risks proactively, ensuring smoother operations and minimizing rig waiting times.


Your Data Used

Break free from restrictive workflows. Dive into an iterative and efficient well planning process, underpinned by robust data analysis. Witness how your data directly influences key decisions.

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How Pro Well Plan Empowers
Geologists and Subsurface Experts

Bridging the Gap

Geologists face a unique set of challenges, from navigating complex geological structures to managing exploration risks. Pro Well Plan is here to bridge the gap between subsurface and drilling. When data is the source of communications, your information will be available throughout the life cycle of the well.
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Seamless Collaboration and Communication

Integration and our data focus let you efficiently send updates to the planning team. Your requests for pressure tests or other operations needs will be documented and traced, ensuring delivery of your subsurface needs.

Advanced Visualization and Interpretation

With our advanced visualization tools, you can see your analyses in context with historical data. You have your experts tools, and combining the results with the well data for all historical wells will provide more insigths and make the offset analyses even more comprehensive.


Machine Learning Integration

Models for similarity and data review are ready, right out of the box. Every night we capture all the information available through internal and external sources so you can learn from everyone in your company.

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We need to focus on both data insight and better decision making. There we make the money. Pro Well Plan has helped me do that. Ian Sipin - UK Shell
Data management, files and folders, version control, using old data, having to manipulate spreadsheets, having to get alignment, getting all the stakeholders aware of whats going on, and get them on the same page as the reality of what the well construction is, going through reviews and assurance process, a lot of that can be done in an integrated platform like the Planner module at Pro Well Plan. Kareem El-sadi
The software is like an apple product, super easy to navigate Anonymous - Shell

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