Get to know us

How it started

After several years in the oil and gas industry, our founder saw the need for automated processes. Pro Well Plan was founded with this in mind, but quickly changed the focus from engineering to data and AI. The decisions are in the data - and the quality of the data is the differentiator.

Referring to our values - the CORE, we challenge the industry to see the full value of historical data, generated data and how this can advise your decisions. Take the step away from limited insights and take the step into the data universe and only repeat the successful history. 


Our Core

Our values

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This is a very important and describing value to us. Everyday we are challenging the industry to make changes. We have the courage to stand tall and strong and develop a new work process where the decision is in the data.

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When history is analyzed in modern workflows, teams can identify potential challenges early in the well delivery process, reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

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Invite all stakeholders to ensure transparency and information sharing. Utilize the knowledge of your peers and generate a plan for the entire lifecycle of the well.

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Chief Education Officer

Our pay-per-use business model is driven by engagement. We are working closely with our customers and stakeholders to ensure they see and get value of our products and services, ensure engagement and open communication.

What we do

Increasing margins by reducing operational risk

In the digital oilfield, it's all about increasing margins by reducing operational risk. We improve the efficiency and quality in well planning and operations, so you can focus on operational performance and advanced well technology.

We help you make the best plans for drilling and completions operations, with a minimum of input and modern work surfaces. Our world-leading Pro Well Kernel holds algorithms for modern drilling and completion operations, so you can use talent on improvement, not repeated operations.

You will have a smooth transition to big data driven decision making, and stand out from your competitors in sales and operations.

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