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Pro Well Plan assists professionals in the oil and gas industry with Berit, our advanced AI solution, to enhance well planning, ensuring better, safer, and more efficient operations. 

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Productivity Potential

Free up 45% of your time

Manual data collection consumes over 70% of drilling engineers' time, hindering productivity and data availability for
decision-making. Persisting inefficiencies worsen operational risks and amplify workforce challenges, jeopardizing overall
productivity and competitiveness.

Optimized workflows

Streamline Collaboration
for Enhanced Productivity

Discover how you better can foster seamless communication
and synergy across teams, driving efficiency and productivity.

What`s in it for you

Save Time 

Automate manual data collection and improve processes. Our solutions enable you to reclaim valuable hours previously spent on repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives and high-impact activities.

Reduce Risk

Make informed decisions earlier with quality-assured data. By leveraging our technology, you gain access to reliable and accurate data, enabling proactive risk management and ensuring greater project success.

Boost Efficiency

Streamline collaboration across teams and organizations. Our solutions facilitate seamless communication and collaboration, breaking down silos and fostering synergy among stakeholders, leading to enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Quotes from Our Customers

We need to focus on both data insight and better decision making. There we make the money. Pro Well Plan has helped me do that. Ian Sipin - UK Shell
Data management, files and folders, version control, using old data, having to manipulate spreadsheets, having to get alignment, getting all the stakeholders aware of whats going on, and get them on the same page as the reality of what the well construction is, going through reviews and assurance process, a lot of that can be done in an integrated platform like the Planner module at Pro Well Plan. Kareem El-sadi
The software is like an apple product, super easy to navigate Anonymous - Shell
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Strategize Success

Navigate Industry Challenges

Don't miss out on your targets or suffer financial setbacks. Save time and costs with significant time and cost savings, ensuring your readiness for future challenges.

Reach your Targets

Targets are increasingly difficult to meet, with a rising number of wells to drill and a shrinking pool of engineers. Meanwhile, the impending P&A wave threatens operations.

Stay Ahead Financially

While AI adoption is on the rise, current initiatives lack focus on well-specific issues, risking missed targets and financial setbacks.

How It Works 

Impact every well on the schedule

To really impact the bottom line, reduce the risk and get an optimal well - you need the details! Turning reports into datasets, contextualizing it with all available databases giv you the needed data foundation. Together with our Gen AI - you ask your data and get the detailes you need!

Get more time to do more with Pro Well Plan

Our Features

Why Choose Us?


Berit is a data-driven tool that aggregates and works on data from oil and gas wells like humans do. Berit can support people or work in a larger reasoning system. Berit frees up 50% of well planning resources by automating data management and quality assurance.

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Reduce risk

Make better decisions earlier. 50% more decisions are made in the planning of an operation, reducing the risk significantly. Berit ensures information flows between teams and phases in the lifecycle of the well.

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Invite all stakeholders to ensure transparency and information sharing. Utilize the knowledge of your peers and generate a plan for the entire lifecycle of the well. Also use data from wellbores where the team members are no longer available.

Quality-Assured Data

With Berit's unique data quality-checking algorithm, users can be confident that the information they're working with is accurate and reliable. The next data quality projects will make as big an impact to the industry as the invention of fire.

How can Berit assist you?

Automate your workflows

1. Manual Tasks

Traditional workflows has engineers start from scratch every time. Let us show you how you can automate cross-silo collaboration with creativity and quality.

2. Quality Assurance

Quality assurance of data and workflows reduces the overhead of the organization. Berit monitors the data and detects deviations.

3. Collaboration Challenges

Berit helps subsurface teams define the well projects better, and well teams can plan for the outcome of the well

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