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Save up to 60% of Your Time: Say goodbye to Manual Data Collection.

Did you know that drilling engineers spend over 60% of their time on manual data collection? This not only hampers their efficiency but also limits the amount of data they have on hand when making crucial decisions, such as determining casing setting depth or max inclination. much data do you have available when you are making decision regarding casing setting depth or max inclination? 

With Pro Well Plan you have all the necessary data available at your fingertips  throughout the life cycle of the well. And you can make faster, more informed and accurate decisions.


How can we assist you?

Which Problem do You Want to Solve First?

1 Manual Tasks

Are you spending a significant amount of time on manual tasks like updating spreadsheets and generating reports?

2. Lack of Standardization

Is there a lack of standardized templates and version control?

3. Collaboration Challenges

How do you ensure seamless collaboration between subsurface and well planning teams? 

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Pro Well Plan Allows you to:
  • Access structured data, interactive reports, and detailed planning.
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual processes and systems.
  • Ensure data transparency, version control, and standardized templates.
  • Enhance collaboration between teams and ensure the use of correct document versions.
  • Report opportunities and challenges to superiors with reliable data backing your insights.

What's in it for you

Tailored Solutions for Every Role on Well Planning

Every role in the well planning process has its unique challenges. Pro Well Plan offers solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Well Engineers

Discover a centralized platform that streamlines your processes, offering structured data, interactive reports, and detailed planning for the complete well lifecycle. 

Possible challenges:

  • Do you spend a significant amount on manual tasks, like updating spreadsheets and reporting?
  • Are you lacking standardized templates and version control?
  • Learn more about our Solutions for Well Engeneers

Well Managers

Empower your team with tools that address these challenges directly, from scenario planning to data analysis. 

Possible challenges:

  • Do you lack precision, foresight, and adaptability in well engineering?
  • Want to ensure quality improvement and readiness for a data-driven future?
  • Learn more about or Solutions for Well Managers



Experience enhanced collaboration with data insights, seamless integration, and version control. Report opportunities and challenges backed by reliable data and transparency.

Possible challenges:

  • Struggling to integrate your subsurface data with well planning?
  • Seeking better collaboration between subsurface and well planning teams?
  • Learn more about or Solutions for Geologists

Our Features

Why Choose Us?


Pro Well Plan is a data-driven tool that aggregates and presents data from oil and gas wells in an organized manner. This empowers users to make informed decisions more swiftly and accurately.

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Reduce risk

When history is analyzed in modern workflows, teams can identify potential challenges early in the well delivery process, reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

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Invite all stakeholders to ensure transparency and information sharing. Utilize the knowledge of your peers and generate a plan for the entire lifecycle of the well.

Quality-Assured Data

With Pro Well Plan's unique data quality-checking algorithm, users can be confident that the information they're working with is accurate and reliable. The next data quality projects will make as big an impact to the industry as the invention of fire.

Quotes from our customers in Webinars

We need to focus on both data insight and better decision making. There we make the money. Pro Well Plan has helped me do that. Ian Sipin - UK Shell
Data management, files and folders, version control, using old data, having to manipulate spreadsheets, having to get alignment, getting all the stakeholders aware of whats going on, and get them on the same page as the reality of what the well construction is, going through reviews and assurance process, a lot of that can be done in an integrated platform like the Planner module at Pro Well Plan. Kareem El-sadi
The software is like an apple product, super easy to navigate Anonymous - Shell

How It Works

Brilliant Engineers Need Modern Tools

Get more time to do more. Impact your well and team with higher quality, and find all the data you need in seconds. Make better, more accurate decisions and collaborate seamlessly between teams and organizations.

Pro Well Plan offers an easy and effective well planning platform for you and your team.


Get more time to do more with Pro Well Plan

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